Boxing at Casa Ave Maria

Hi Friends,

Here is the short version:
I started sponsoring boxing classes in the summer of 2015 for kids living in some of the poorest areas of Masaya, Nicaragua. I am basically paying a really awesome human being/ boxing trainer named Ernesto to teach boxing, but also check in with the kids, be a mentor, and teach them important things like discipline and the value of education. He agreed to offer the classes for about $4 an hour. I am paying him for about 5 hours of classes a week, and have been doing so since August 2015.

See below the long version for a simple breakdown of what different donation amounts will provide.

Here is the long version:
In the summer of 2015, I volunteered at a community center (kind of like the Masayan version of the YMCA), called Casa Ave Maria. They work with youth who live in the poorest parts of Masaya and offer workshops like bread making, carpentry, and typing/computer training to empower the kids. The kids also have a chance to play and hang out while they wait for their afternoon snack (the bread they baked) to be ready during recreation time. Prior to the initiation of boxing classes, this recreation time was unstructured, and as it happens when kids become restless and lose interest, fights or arguments would start up.

While I was working at this community center, I was also introduced to the local boxing gyms in Masaya and started taking classes because they were that awesome. Masaya has a good amount of boxing resources. I became friends with one of the trainers at the boxing gyms, named Ernesto. He is an exceptional man, who works hard together with his wife to provide for their family, and raise their three beautiful and strong daughters (who all know how to box). Ernesto emphasizes the importance of prioritizing education with his daughters, and also with the young people he trains at the gyms. He checks up on the youth who come to the gyms as if they were members of his family: asks them how their day was, did they have anything to eat, how was school, etc. This kind of mentorship and guidance was something that I thought would really benefit the kids at Casa Ave Maria, so I connected existing resources and started paying Ernesto to give classes to the kids there.

Since August 2015, Ernesto’s classes during recreation time have grown from 4 to 16 kids, both boys and girls. He is teaching three 1.5 hour classes a week at a rate that we agreed upon before I left Nicaragua, which is about $4 per hour. I am now paying him $20 per week, and sending the money through Western Union which charges a little over 10% per transaccion. So, I am asking for your help. I don’t know any way to say this other than: Send me some money so we can see this program continue and expand!!

Let me break this down more clearly to show you exactly what you would be providing through your donation:
$4= one hour
$22.50= one week of classes plus transaction fee
$45= two weeks of classes plus transaction fee
$100= about one month of classes

Basically every little bit helps enormously!!!!

Thank you soooooo much in advance!

<3 Victoria

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