Brazil Missions Trip 2017

Brazil here I come! My heart for missions is so real. =)
Did you know that giving one person an education or opportunity can shift their entire family line altogether and take their generation and future generations out of poverty!

This year, i'm headed to Brazil in Nov/Dec for a little over 2 weeks. Our team will consist of 10-20 people with hearts are to serve, pray and love on the sick, the poor, and those who have not yet discovered their own treasures and gold in themselves. No amount is too small. I would like to invite you to partner with me and sow into this trip and be a part of my journey by planting into this mission. Total cost of trip is roughly $5,000. $2500 is my goal to cover some of the costs, for flights, lodging, etc.

If now is not the right time, its ok, I would love to ask for you to please cover me in your prayers for safety to and from, protection, wisdom and that we are able to touch the souls of the poor and broken hearted and give them hope.

This trip is a partnership with a few different ministries which includes Psalm 84 Church, Global Awakening and Agape Freedom Fighters ministries.

Thank you and God Bless for your generous giving.
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THANK YOU THANK YOU for your outpouring of support, love and amazing-ness. I am so blessed to know all of you and very thankful and grateful for your donations and love. I'll be sure to update you with pictures and stories. May you and your family continue to be blessed abundantly in wealth, health and love! love and blessings, Theresa (Terri)

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