SASS Family Rincón Relief Fund

Hurricane Maria ripped a devastating path through Puerto Rico. Some of our co-workers lost homes. One escaped by climbing through the demolished roof of his house in rising flood waters. Most of Rincón still does not have access to clean water, electricity, gasoline or internet access. More than half travel over a mile to use a working phone. Government resources are minimal.

What is the SASS Family-Rincón Relief Fund?

The SASS Family - Rincón Relief Fund is designed to help pick up the pieces. There are many charities working in Puerto Rico, but very few in Rincón. This is a fund to help our friends, partners, neighbors and co-workers get their lives restored. The recovery is going to take an enormous amount of time and resources. We will rebuild. We will recover. BUT… we need YOUR help!

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Individual co-workers, friends and neighbors in Rincón, with priority given to affiliates of: Rincón Surf School & Resort, Pacia Life, Arts & Beyond Education, Patinetero Skate Park and their families or partners. We are delivering small cash grants called “Qualified Disaster Relief Payments" in-person. Rincón is cash-only for now, so these grants will help pay for gas, food, home repairs and transport. Donations are not tax-deductible, but recipients will get the money tax-free (IRS Code 139).

Questions? Learn how we'll use your money, tax status, recipients and more. Please visit the FAQ on our Blog:

The view before Hurricane Maria (L) and after (R) from the top of SASS Global Travel's offices and home of Managing director Travis Moore.

Watch the video to see the hurricane in action and a morning update after it had finally cleared.

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